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Our belief is: “The corporate governance on different stakeholders is the success key to implement the business practices”. Our corporate governance is strictly executed to prevent the principal-agents conflicts as good corporate governance ensures the segregation of duties will be well-maintained in company.

Our key elements of corporate governance are responsibility and accountability, transparency, and commitment to company. These elements are cultivated to our employees to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of business.

All related company activities conform to ISO 9001:2008’s requirements. Quality documents and records are established and maintained to prove that the Quality Management System (QMS) is operating as intended and is effective and satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.  To ensure accountability and responsibility, our Quality Management Representative establishes the internal audit plan in accordance with the Internal Quality Audit procedure annually.

Below are some of the policies and code of conducts that complies with the international standard ISO 9001:2008:


Customer Focus General Policy

To achieve and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction, Jintye Corporation Sdn Bhd shall collect and analyze information on the needs and expectations of its customers. This information is converted into specific requirements for developing and improving our products and services.


Product Safety Code

We aimed to deliver safe products to all consumers. Therefore, policies are in place for:

- Products testing

Before the release of new products, several internal tests will be taken to determine the resistance of plastics to the changes of temperature, weight and pressure, etc. To ensure risk-free products are developed, we choose the plastic materials that are environmental- friendly.

- Mass media marketing

Effective marketing strategies are pathways which enable us to communicate with the customers or community as a large. As advertising is a powerful tool to transfer messages to the consumers and evoke great impacts to them, so we advertising ethically through the electronic and print media.

- Customers feedbacks

Customer feedbacks are critical for us and collected to assist us for the better future improvement.


Quality Policy

Jintye Corporation Sdn Bhd shall strive towards excellence quality products and services that meet customer’s expectation in cost, quality and delivery through continuous improvement tools and techniques.

Quality Objectives & Targets:

- Customer rejection < 3% per month

- Customer complaints < 10 cases per year

- Delivery performance: 100%